LED Message Boards

You need to promote your business or company, so what better way to bring your industry into the light than with LED display signs? Tallahassee, FL business owners rely on LED signs to attract customers, highlight their company name, and create brand recognition.

Don’t advertise your location with blasé, generic signs or message boards. Instead, attract others to your facility with electrical signs that stand out.

Learn About the Benefits of LED Display Signs

Tallahassee, FL booms with life and culture—so should your organization. Let Apogee Signs bolster your success. Our LED signs and message boards highlight your business property by appealing to a wider customer base and improving on your current advertising methods.

Enjoy these benefits of LED signage:

  1. Easy use

LED displays are brighter and more impressive to your customers, but they’re also simple to set up and operate. Change your sign’s message rotation as frequently as you like, via computer.

  1. Energy efficiency

Did you know that LED signs are more than 80 percent more energy efficient than traditional neon signs? LED displays consume about 10 watts of power, so you’ll reduce your company’s energy bills when you upgrade to LED displays.

  1. Flexibility

When you invest in an electrical sign, you won’t have to replace missing or broken letters, which means you’ll avoid fuss when you need to change information. LED signs offer you more time and flexibility to spend on other tasks.

  1. More signage options

LED displays use multiple light types, so your sign options are practically limitless. Customize your design with movement, color, and animation to suit any preference.

For your convenience, we operate five cranes so that you don’t have to wait for your signage. Our experienced installers also provide quick and efficient installation services so that you can get back to your other important tasks.

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