So How Long Should It Take For My Sign Project To Be Completed?

So How Long Should It Take For My Sign Project To Be Completed?

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We all know what happened in 2008. The bottom fell out and everything came to a standstill. Businesses weren’t being opened, homes weren’t being built, cars weren’t being sold, and opportunities to make money as a business were scarce.

During that time companies were able to crank out projects and builds in roughly half the time it takes today. Why is this you ask? It was due to their being very little work to go around! As consumers our expectations on how long something should take to be finished shifted.

Fast forward 8 years and our expectations as consumers have not yet returned to pre-recession days. Interestingly enough projects have increased, more homes are being built, and more vehicles are being sold. So what happened? Money started moving again and as a whole, we did not readjust our expectations to a realistic level.

No longer do businesses have a shortage of work, no longer are you seeing subdivisions go unfinished, no longer are we able to get the amazing deals on new vehicles that previously existed. The economy has rebounded but our expectations as consumers have not reset itself.

I’m sure by now you can see where this is going… As you know Apogee Signs is a regional leader in the industry and has built itself on quality and reputation. When you work with a company that is being sought after by so many, the timelines will likely be a little longer that you hoped for.

Gone, unfortunately, are the days that a monument sign would take only 4 weeks. Replaced with realistic expectations of 6-8 weeks.

At the end of the day, I’m reminded of one of those corny statements that I parents told us, “good things come to those that wait.”

We know at the end of the day that waiting for the best will deliver you quality results whether it’s a custom built home or the new sign for your business.