First Impression Never Dies: Dress Accordingly

First Impression Never Dies: Dress Accordingly

First Impression Never Dies

Are you that business that is screaming for attention from potential clients but just doesn’t know how to get it? The first step is simple, and it’s not hiring someone to stand in a costume with a cardboard sign on the corner. It’s investing in a business sign that properly depicts the quality of service and goods/services that you provide. After all, first impressions never die!

As digital marketing has continued to change the way businesses gain attention from their potential customers, you must always be aware of the first impression you’re presenting to customers about your pride and joy.

The single marketing tool that businesses can’t live without (let’s say it in unison) “A Business Sign”. Sadly, business signs are an afterthought for some business owners. While trying to keep their business in tip-top shape, they forget about their personal billboard and neglect the first impression of their business. Speaking of which, when’s the last time you took a pressure washer to your business and followed that with a fresh coat of paint? Sorry, we forgot we’re just the sign guys.

As a business owner, you have to juggle employees, overhead costs, customer service training, sales, clients, family and so on. Another very important part of this mix is the branding and marketing message you are sending. Hopefully, this is a heavy part of your constant juggle.

We hope you do not misunderstand our message! We are not saying updating your sign will fix all of the challenges your business faces BUT it will help as it’s one of many pieces that when done correctly, will lead to success.

When your sign is placed out front, owners typically see an increase in business of 15% to 45% (signs are that powerful!).
Did we get our point across yet? In case you need to hear it one more time, here we go:

  • First impression: As these signs typically act as your first impression it is imperative that you invest in a work of art that exemplifies what you represent with-in your market. Great examples of signs that work best for this purpose would be vehicle wraps, storefront signs, outdoor signs and street signs. Don’t think Vegas, think class, simplicity, and elegance.


  • Branding: Put your stamp on what you represent! Branding your business in the right manner creates an open message to say “Hey we’re in business to serve you and we get it”. As people are creatures of habit, and drive or walk the same route daily, you should use your LED message board as a prime opportunity to build readership. Over time things may change with your business but your branding/signage represents you!


  • Affect profitability: As America continues to be a very mobile society, with constant relocation (roughly 18% yearly) and family road trips these drivers constitute as a captive audience to your sign marketing. But unfortunately, many consumers are turned away by the representation of your business and your sign is one of those factors. In the long run, this hurts your overall profitability as store traffic decreases. If your sign appears to be faded, chipped, bent corners, stains or even pretty hard to read, it is time for new representation.


So there you have it- our Mom was right when she told us not to judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, many of us neglected our Mothers teaching and here we are, needing a new business sign!